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Tales of a Chinese Grandmother
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Tales of a Chinese Grandmother

By Frances Carpenter
Illustrated by Malthe Hasselriis
1998, 261 pages, paperback.
Book Description from Back Cover

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Book Description from Back Cover

The rich treasury of Chinese folklore is represented in these entrancing tales told against the vivid and realistic background of the Ling household and its life in the China of some half a century ago. It is the aged grandmother, Lao Lao-whose very name is all dignity and charm-who tells the tales, sometimes on festival occasions to the assembled Ling family but more often to Yu Lang and Ah Shung, the two grandchildren whose curiosity and love of stories mark their kinship with children the world over.

The author herself has traveled extensively in China. She was often entertained in houses like those behind the bright red gate of the Ling family residence, and she walked along pleasant paths like the ones in the Lings' Garden of Sweet Smells. And, like all the members of this household, she found a peculiar enchantment in the richly imaginative Chinese folk tales that she recounts in this book-a sampling from a long and proud tradition.

Her own observation and her interest in Chinese folklore, together with her unmistakable talent for storytelling, make this book a distinctive contribution to the understanding of the Chinese people, their life, and their age-old culture. At the same time, it is a book that will please anyone not too old in spirit to enjoy folk tales. The attractive illustrations are the work of Malthe Hasselriis, a distinguished artist who is regarded as an outstanding painter in the true Chinese tradition.

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