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Blue Jay In The Desert

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Blue Jay In The Desert

By Marlene Shigekawa and illustrated by Isao Kikuchi
1993, 32 pages, hardback.
Book Description from Back Cover
About the Author and Illustrator

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Book Description from Cover Flap

On February 19, 1942 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 which sent 120,000 Japanese Americans into ten internment camps solely because of their ancestry. Author Marlene Shigekawa and Illustrator Isao Kikuchi were among these American citizens who were denied their basic civil rights and interned for no reason other than their Japanese heritage.

Blue Jay In The Desert is the story of young Junior's view of the internment, its effect upon his family and his Grandfather's message of hope.

A portion of the proceeds from Blue Jay In The Desert will be donated to projects and organizations promoting cultural diversity, appreciation and understanding.

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About the Author Marlene Shigekawa

Born in Poston, Arizona during the internment, Marlene Shigekawa works as a management consultant to increase understanding of cultural diversity in organizations. A nationally known speaker and author of Succeeding In High Tech: A Guide To Building Your Career, she provides professional development workshops and cross cultural training to ethnically diverse groups.

Marlene lives with her husband and daughter in Oakland, California. Blue Jay In The Desert is her first children's book.

About the Illustrator Isao Kikuchi

Born in Los Angeles, California, Isao is a graphic designer. He was interned in Manzanar Relocation Camp and is a veteran who fought for his country in World War II with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

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