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Picture Bride
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Picture Bride

By Yoshiko Uchida
1997, 216 pages, Hardback and Paperback.

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Book Description from Back Cover

Carrying a photograph of the man she is to marry but has yet to meet, young Hana Omiya arrives in San Francisco, California, in 1 91 7, one of several hundred Japanese "picture brides" whose arranged marriages brought them to America in the early I 900s.

Her story is intertwined with others: her husband, Taro Takeda, an Oakland shopkeeper; Kiku and her husband Henry, who reject demeaning city work to become farmers; Dr. Kaneda, a respected community leader who is destroyed by the adopted land he loves. All are caught up in the cruel turmoil of World War II, when West Coast Japanese Americans are uprooted from their homes and imprisoned in desert detention camps. Although tragedy strikes each of them, the same spirit and strength that brought her to America enable Hana to survive.

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Comments from Back Cover

"Yoshiko Uchida is the foremost Japanese American woman writer of our time. Picture Bride is a tender, painful, exquisitely written novel... a very serious and important book."
-Barry Gifford

"A moving tribute.... A rare insight into the hearts and minds of Japanese immigrant women and the important role they played in the establishment and survival of ethnic family and community life in America. "
-Judy Yung, San Francisco Chronicle

"With insight, pathos, and deep understanding, the author, in her graceful, dignified way, dares to expose Hana as a long-suffering, independent, assertive woman who is frustrated and stifled as she struggles to adjust to a hostile culture that is blind to her sense of values.
"-Western American Literature

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Background on Yoshiko Uchida

Yoshiko Uchida was born in Alameda, California, and spent most of her life in Berkeley. The author of more than 25 books, she chronicled her own World War II experiences in Desert Exile: The Uprooting of a Japanese-American Family

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