Edited by Elaine H. Kim, Lilia V Villanueva, and Asian Women United of California, with a forward by Jessica Hagedorn - 1997, 309 pages, paperback.

Secondary Literature, Asian American, Womens

An anthology of new writings by Asian American women covering "history, memory, sexuality and repression, culture, spiritual, artistic, and generational conflicts. The works of established and respected writers, poets, journalists and scholars such as Chitra Divakaruni, Kimiko Hahn, Helen Zia, Lisa See, Marilyn Chin, Lisa Lowe, Yen Le Espiritu, Mitsuye Yamada, Elaine Kim and Trinh T. Minh-ha are presented alongside the works of emerging voices such as Susan Ito, Anu Gupta, and the precocious sixteen-year-old Filipino American poet Juno Parrenas.

The editors clearly believe in creating a forum for us to keep telling our stories, exploring what it means to be Asian, to be American, and to be female...." - Jessica Hagedorn

Part 1 - Memory - twists of wash in the starched sunlight

Part 2 - Implosion - where dreams are necessary

Part 3 - Reflection - on the cusp between the old and the new

Part 4 - Contestation - tell this story to America and the whole world

Part 5 - Movement - passion and commitment

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