The Sugihara Story

by Ken Mochizuki, Illustrated by Dom Lee. - 1997, 32 pages, 10 X 8 hardback, 6 and up.

Primary, non-fiction literature

In 1940 Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat serving in Lithuania, made a heart rendering decision to issue thousands of visas to Jewish refugees - against the recommendations of his government - to allow them to flee the Nazis.

Told through the eyes of his son Hiroki, who was five at the time, it is a touching and well told account of how one person’s courage can make a difference. Lee’s stunning sepia-toned illustrations add power and dignity to this beautiful story.

For children this story will be a lesson in courage and conscience and a valuable addition to Holocaust materials. A story which illustrates the importance of humanity in one’s character. The overriding decision of one man to do the right thing against one’s own government.

It is a book which should be read and appreciated by all children for the moral and ethical values it teaches.

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