By Angelo N. Ancheta - 1998, 209 pages, paperback.

From the back cover -
"This book is the future....Angelo Ancheta is one of the first writers to offer us a new and necessary understanding of our increasing diversity. His work is an excellent introduction to the role of Asian Americans in the social, polictical, and legal debates of the day."
-FRANK H. WU, Howard University School of Law

"Angelo Ancheta's long-time work on behalf of the least advantaged Asian Americans informs the analysis in this important book. He brings significant new information to the discussion of race and law, adding practice to theory, and humanity to practice."
-MARI J. MATSUDA, author of Where Is Your Body and We Won't Go Back

"This is a very important book on the position of Asian Americans in civil rights and consitutional law. This is a facinating area of law and contemporary politics, particularly because Asian Americans are, as Ancheta notes, treated as either black or white depending on the context."
-DANA Y. TAGAGI, author of The Retreat from Race: Asian-American Admissions and Racial Politics

In Race, Rights and the Asian American Experience, Angelo Ancheta suggests United States race relations have been framed by a black-white model of race that typically ignores the experiences of other groups, including Asian Americans. When racial discourse is limited to antagonisms between black and white, Asian Americans often find themselves in a racial limbo, marginalized or unrecognized as full participants.

The book centers on the distinctive experiences of racial discrimination faced by Asian Americans and how the American legal system fails to recognize that discrimination can differ among racial and ethnic groups. The intersection of these inquires-how our civil rights laws affect Asian Americans and in turn are affected by them-is the central theme of the book. Ancheta examines legal and social theories of racial discrimination, ethnic differneces in the Asian American population, nativism, citizenship, language, school desegregation, and afirmative action. He supplies a fresh interpretation of U.S. civil rights from an Asian American perspective, providing readers with a facinating mix of constitutional law, personal insights, and practical policy suggestions.

Angelo N. Ancheta is a civil rights lawyer based in San Francisco. He has practiced law and worked with community-based organizations serving the Asian American population in both Northern and Southern California. He has also been on the faculty of the UCLA School of Law and has served as the excutive director of the San Francisco-based Asian American Law Caucus.

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