The Great American Kids Cookbook

By Bettina Mei Urata - 1997, 111 pages, paperback.

This book contains recipes from each of the 50 states. The recipes are written in English and Japanese and are accompanied by pictures that will make your mouth water.

From the forward -
What is American Food? It is the fuel that sustained Native Americans long before the first Europeans ever set foot on American soil. It is the food traditions the settlers brought with them from their home countries and developed using fruits and vegetables that were new to them, employing methods forced upon them by their new lifestyle. Over the years people have come from hundreds of countries all over the world bringing with them their ethnic foods and sharing these enthusiastically with other Americans.

All this is American food and all the while there have been children enjoying it. This is their book -- a book of American children's favorite foods to cook and to eat.

Children love to help in the kitchen and they especially like to eat the food they have helped cook. Here is an opportunity to spend time together with your child creating something the family can truly enjoy afterwards.

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