Dark Blue Suit and other stories

By PETER BACHO - 1997, 149 pages, paperback.

From the back cover -
"These tales, so disarming in their sense of humanity, so lovingly and engagingly narrated in a style which appears effortless, deal with the shadows the massive facts of emigration and identity cast over the lives of Filipino Americans-a literary turf Bacho has made particularly his own. Here he moves with an inveigling confidence amongst lives caught between the raucous demands of modern America and the potent ghosts of ethnicity. It is a superb performance."
-Thomas Keneally. author of Schindler's List

"Peter Bacho's latest collection pays homage in form and content to the earlier generation of Filipino writers-Bulosan, Santos, Gonzalez. But Bacho's stories provide a transition from that bachelor generation to the generation of Filipino families. His stories are a perfect contrast to Santos's Scent of Apples and an important link for teaching Asian American literature."
-Shawn Wong. University of Washington

"Bacho has a vital, deeply felt subject-the lives of a group of Filipino immigrant men and the growing up of their often mixed-race children. This book sparked the desire to know even more intimately about these people, this very American enclave in time and space."
-Judith Grossman. University of Iowa

PETER BACHO teaches in the Liberal Studies Program, University of Washington, Tacoma. His novel Cebu received the American Book Award of the Before Columbus Foundation.

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