The Cook's Family

By Laurence Yep - 1998, 184 pages, hardback.

From the inside flap -
What do you do when your world is falling apart? Robin Lee would do anything to save her home. Her parents' constant fighting upsets her little brother and leaves Robin feeling helpless. So she's glad to escape from her problems when she and her grandmother help a lonely cook in Chinatown by pretending to be his long-lost family. At Cook's restaurant, Robin's a star; she glimpses a new and exciting side to her grandmother, and most important, in her make-believe father she finally discovers a sense of her Chinese heritage. The thing is, once Robin starts pretending, she doesn't want to stop. Can Robin be part of the Cook's family without leaving her own family behind?

Laurence Yep's delightful sequel to Ribbons once again paints a vivid picture of Chinese-American life and is full of surprises that will touch readers' hearts.

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