The Case of the GOBLIN PEARLS

By LAURENCE YEP - 1997, 179 pages, paperback.

From the back cover -


What would you do if your famous movie-star aunt asked you to be a jar of ointment in Chinatown's New Year's parade? And what if disaster struck in the middle of the parade and someone stole a priceless pearl necklace right in front of you? Worse yet, what if your great-aunt thought she was still the famous action heroine Tiger Lil and decided to catch the thieves? What else could you do but become her sidekick?

That's exactly what happens to Lily Lew and her Great Auntie Tiger Lil, when they work in the New Year's parade and witness a crime in broad daylight. Before they know it, they're embroiled in the middle of a plot more complicated than one of Auntie's movies. But the price of uncovering Chinatown's ugliest secret may be far more costly than even the legendary Goblin Pearls....

"Yep is off to a roaring start with this launch to a mystery series.... Snappy dialogue, realistic characterizations and a plot with lots of action keep the pages turning." - Publishers Weekly

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