BY SHIGEO SHIMADA - 1986, 207 pages, paperback, Autobiography.

From the back cover -
"You are no longer my son. Get out of my house and never come back!" With his father's bitter words cutting deep Into his mind, Shigeo Shimada determined to become a Christian minister. Life in Buddhist Japan had not been easy for Shimada following his decision for Christ. He was persecuted in school, at home, and in the army.

With $300 in his pocket, Shimada entered the United States with high hopes for enrolling in a seminary. The story of his struggle to become an ordained minister is a heartwarming witness of unwavering faith in Christ's ability to sustain him through times of financial stress, internment in an American relocation center during World War II, and his early years as a pastor helping Japanese-Americans rebuild their lives after the war.

Shimada tells how he covenanted with God to lead his father to Christ and the joy he felt when this promise was realized. His efforts to build a beautiful church on worthless rocky ground and his experiences as a missionary to Japan are inspiring testimonies to Shimada's unwavering faith. Looking back over his life, Shimada says very simply, "A little stone on a road in the poorest section of Kanazaea City, Japan, was picked up by Jesus Christ and has been used as his servant."

Shigeo Shimada served as pastor of the Highland Park Methodist Church, Spokane, Washington. For three years after retirement he and his wife taught at Seiwa Women's College in Japan. They now live in Seattle, Washington.

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