By Thomas W. Grubbs, Assisted by J. Lawrence Driskill - 1998, 141 pages, paperback.

From the back cover -
"The Book is extremely helpful in providing insight both into the biblical understanding of kingship and into the understanding of contemporary emperor system in Japan. It also makes very clear the dangers of emperor worship both for the future of democracy in Japan as well as the future of the freedom of religion."
Clifton Kirkpatrick, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly, Presbyterian Church USA.

"Mr. Grubb's observation of emperor system is worth reading. He research well and expressed his views of Japan's Emperor System based on both his experience with Japan and research. He stressed that the emperor system that we know today is the creation during the Meiji period (1868-1912), and he is right. His analysis is also accurate how the emperor system contributed to the suppression of people in Japan during the Japanese militarism.
Takeshi Yoshida, Marymont Manhattan College, N.Y. City.

This book was produced, financed, edited, designed, published and now distributed by much Christian love. It is a limited edition book published for his many friends here and abroad.

It is our hope that "Kingship in the Bible and Japan's Emperor System" will enrich your understanding of both cultures, America and Japan.

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Information on Thomas Grubbs

Thomas Grubbs is well known amongst Japanese Americans for his ministry in Tule Lake during World War II, his missionary work in Japan after the war for twenty years and his years as the minister for the Sturge Presbyterian Church in San Mateo, California for ten years. As a fully bilingual minister he communicated with both Issei and Nisei. Even after retirement he served several other churches in California as an interim pastor and also did bilingual counseling.

In doing research for his book, Rev. Mr. Grubbs made two extensive trips back to Japan once taking his daughter Deborah with him.

During World II, Thomas Grubbs was strongly opposed to the U.S. government interment of Japanese Americans during World War II. He was so vocal about his opposition that the FBI investigated him on suspicion of being "disloyal". Internees at Tule Lake welcomed Tom as their chaplain, who championed their right to oppose internment. Tom was not "disloyal" in criticizing America's mistake, not "disloyal" to Japan in showing the dangers of Japan's Emperor System. Tom simply seeks to correct those whom he loves.

After battling cancer for eighteen years, Rev. Mr. Grubbs became completely incapacitated and then relied on two of his friends, J. Lawrence Driskill and Juan Leandro Garza to complete this book, with Driskill doing the writing and Garza putting the entire book on a computer disk. On June 24, 1997 Rev. Thomas Woodbury Grubbs died peacefully at the Westminster Gardens Health Center in Duarte, California.

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