Night of the Chupacabras

By Marie G. Lee - 1998, 120 pages, hardback.

From the cover flap -


Mi-Sun, her brother Ju-Won, and their friend Lupe think the old man they meet in the village square is just trying to scare them with his stories of chupacabras, blood-sucking night creatures. Then a goat turns up with fang marks on its neck. And, even more puzzling, vegetables appear in the kitchen With strange marks where all the juice is sucked out of them. What's going on? Is there a chupacabra? And is it a part-time vegetarian?

A mystery is not what Mi-Sun bargained for when she agreed to leave New York behind to spend her summer on Lupe's uncle's Mexican goat ranch. The three visitors find a lot to do: hiking in the mountains; buying sweet, icy paletas in the village; and making tortillas with the help of Tío Heéctor's cook. But something strange is going on at Rancho de Cabras, and the three north-of-the-border kids are determined to find out what. Will they have to catch the chupacabra before it catches them?

Flavored with the details of daily life in rural Mexico, this funny, slightly scary mystery races to an exciting - and unexpected - finish.

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