Nights of Fire, Nights of Rain

poems by Amy Uyematsu - 1998, 91 pages, paperback.

From the back cover -
In her second book, Uyematsu explores the burning issues of day-to-day life in Los Angeles while redefining her relationship with an ancestral Japanese past.

"Uyematsu measures the cadences of her inner life against the cataclysmic throb of the public world in Nights of Fire, Nights of Rain, and in so doing, raises the stakes for any poet who hopes to deal honestly with the overwhelming complexity of contemporary urban life."
-Eloise Klein Healy

"Amy Uyematsu's poetry is wise and rare. Born out of lust for the ordinary, 'this desperate, glorious hunger/to take the whole world in/even in its meanness/for whatever it's willing to give,' her poems alternately rage and mourn, celebrate and shout with joy, yes they do, and yet her eye is so sure, her touch so subtle, that there is a palpable thread of utter stillness in these poems that dreams the healing flesh and blood of our common ancestors back into our world."
-Peter Levitt

"Amy Uyematsu has long been a singular and passionate voice in American poetry. Now, in her second book, Nights of fire, Nights of Rain, she transforms words into sandals for our feet as she takes us on her journey. Trust her words-and wisdom-and you will get there."
-Russell Leong

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