Night of Many Dreams

By Gail Tsukiyama - 1999, 275 pages, paperback.

From the back cover -
Two sisters...separate family that binds them together forever.

Emma and Joan are the two daughters of the Lew family, coming of age during and after the turbulent years of World War II. Beautiful elder sister Joan hopes for a traditional family life, but through a series of troubled relationships begins a career as a Chinese film actress. Emma, inspired by the independence of her Aunt Go, sets her sights on an artistic life in San Francisco, only to find further solace back in Hong Kong. In the tradition of her previous, acclaimed novels, Gail Tsukiyama creates a moving, memorable story of women's experiences in Chinese culture.

"Tsukiyama tells a quietly powerful and understated story of women finding their way in the world, and the strength they derive from family ties."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Growing in richness as it proceeds, a paean to the sustaining pleasures of family."
- Booklist

"Tsukiyama writes with great sensory detail, allowing her reader to touch, taste, and feel the world she creates."
- Library Journal

"With unexpected poignancy...Tsukiyama skillfully demonstrates how the strength of family bonds can provide spirtual sustenance."
- Publishers Weekly

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