Chinese America: Mental Health and Quality of life in the Inner City

By Chalsa M. Loo - 1998, 286 pages, paperback.

From the back cover -
This fascinating study of Chinatown is now available in paperback! Originally published in 1991, the author has revisited Chinatown to talk to residents, community leaders, and politicians about how the community has changed since the book's original publication.

Praise for Chalsa M. Loo's Chinese America...

"This book performs an important service to the scholarship of minority groups in the United States: It dispels stereotypes...A story that every US citizen needs to see."
-Robert Sommer, Department of Environmental Design
University of California, Davis

"Chinese America by Chalsa M. Loo elegantly combines meticulous research with instinctive feelings for an immigrant community to give voice to inner-city residents who feel isolated but hopeful for a better, more peaceful life for themselves and their families. Presenting and interpreting her research data in a very accessible manner, Loo provides policymakers insights and a framework in which to initiate steps to empower the lives of immigrants to achieve-self-sufficiency and positive attitudes."
-Henry Der, Education and Civil Rights Activist

"This is a model of what a creative and dedicated researcher can do working in a single community....This will be a landmark study."
-Robert B. Bechtel, Environmental Psychology Program.
University of Arizona, Tucson

"Through a rich interdisciplinary-psychological, sociological, and environmental-study of San Francisco's Chinatown, Chalsa M. Loo provides a timely work that challenges theories of assimilation and community breakdown. In uncovering quality-of-life issues of overcrowding, physical and mental health problems, labor and exploitation, and neighborhood (dis)satisfaction for Chinese Americans in the 1970s and 1980s, she also identifies the resiliency, diversification, and persistence of Chinatowns into the 1990s. Of particular interest to Asian American studies, social sciences, and urban planning."
-Shirley Hune, University of California, Los Angeles

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