STRUGGLE FOR ETHNIC IDENTITY: Narratives by asian american professionals

Edited by Pyong Gap Min & Rose Kim - 1999, 240 pages, paperback.

Volume 4 in the Critical Perspectives on Asian Pacific Americans Series

From the back cover -
Pyong Gap Min and Rose Kim present a compilation of narratives on ethnic identity written by first, 1.5, and second-generation Asian American professionals. In an attempt to reconcile the dichotomies long-associated with being both Asian and American, each author's narrative traces the formation of the author's ethnic identity and culture, and discusses its importance in shaping his or her professional career. A comprehensive introduction on contemporary trends in the study of ethnicity makes this an invaluable resource for teaching or studying ethnic identity.

From inside the book a description on the book series -

Volumes in Critical Perspectives on Asian Pacific Americans take on a spectrum of current issues facing Asian American communities by critically examining key social, economic, psychological, cultural, and political experiences. They are theoretically engaging, comparative, and multidisiplinary, reflecting the complexity of contemporary concerns that are of importance to the understanding and empowerment of Asian Pacific Americans.

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