ASIAN AMERICANS: From Racial Category to Multiple Identities

By Juanita Tamayo Lott - 1998, 115 pages, paperback.

Volume 2 in the Critical Perspectives on Asian Pacific Americans Series

From the back cover -
DOES RACE STILL MATTER? In the United States, legal categories of race continue to multiply. Have these official definitions, once constructed by a white majority for exclusionary and oppressive ends, successfully transformed into tools for enforcing civil rights? After a historical background, Lott gives a detailed explanation of the origins and implications of Directive 15 - a critical juncture in the recent legal development of census and national data categories. She then turns to the complexities of Asian American identities, deconstructing widely accepted minority/majority classifications, and historicizing the changing definitions of those labels.

From inside the book a description on the book series -

Critical Perspectives on Asian Pacific Americans aims to educate and inform readers regarding the Asian Pacific American experience and critically examines key social, economic, psychological, cultural, and political issues facing Asian Pacific Americans. The series presents books that are theoretically engaging, comparative, and multidisiplinary, and works that reflect the contemporary concerns that are of critical importance to understanding and empowering Asian Pacific Americans.

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