ASIAN AMERICA Through the Lens: history, representations & identity

BY JUN XING - 1998, 248 pages, paperback.

Volume 3 in the Critical Perspectives on Asian Pacific Americans Series

From the back cover -
In Asian America Through the Lens, Jun Xing accomplishes the colossal task of surveying Asian American cinema for the first time. Unique insight into Asian American experience in both mainstream and alternative film production is provided by textual analysis and by the voices of filmmakers and actors themselves. With constant attention to the specificities of Asian American histories and cultures, Xing engages a broad range of issues and theoretical perspectives, drawing insight from such bodies of scholarship as African American and Latino film studies, Marxian cultural theory, ethnic studies and the politics of representation, and post-structuralist and feminist discourses.

[Xing's] comparative analysis of the cinema practice of other non-dominant groups such as African Americans and Latinos helps greatly in contextualizing Asian American film within the larger framework of marginalization or outright exclusion from the dominant media.
DARRELL Y. HAMAMOTO, Asian American Studies University of California, Davis

It's a pleasure to read such a comprehensive and theoretically adept discussion of the emergence and development of an Asian American cinema practice and its attendant, critical discourses. Asian America Through the Lens stands as the first project to cover such a broad critical and hsitorical scope in its interrogation of Asian American cinema.
ED GUERRERO, Cinema Studies New York University

Professor Jun Xing has written a masterful review and analysis of Asian American cinema...The work probes the complexity of ethnic identity and the protean character of ethnic representations, posing as many questions as it provides answers.
RUDOLPH J. VECOLI, Director, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota

From inside the book a description on the book series -

Volumes in Critical Perspectives on Asian Pacific Americans take on a spectrum of current issues facing Asian American communities by critically examining key social, economic, psychological, cultural, and political experiences. They are theoretically engaging, comparative, and multidisiplinary, reflecting the complexity of contemporary concerns that are of importance to the understanding and empowerment of Asian Pacific Americans.

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