The Gift: The Hmong New Year

Written by Ia Xiong, Illustrated by Gou Run-Lin - 1996, 29 pages, hardback.

From the comments page in the back of the book -

"A simple classroom project helps a young Hmong girl develop pride in her culture. This heartwarming and informative story belongs in every elementary classroom."
Ann Alemania
Resource Teacher / Administrator
Orange Center Elementary School

"Enlightening Story........ making Hmong traditions real in today's society."
Judith Anderson
Library Technician

"Having books like this one in our library truly help our children to understand the lives and cultures of our Ameican society. The Hmong culture is relatively new to us. With books like The Gift, we begin to learn about the background and customs of the Hmong people. I am especially pleased to see that we can add the Hmong Laotian New Year to Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwansa for our winter holiday celebrations. I hope that this is just a beginning of several children's books that will teach us about the Hmong people who are enriching our American heritage."
Terry W. Allen, Ed. D., Principal, Clovis Primary School.

"This children's book distinguishes itself by mixing a modern day story while including the Hmong's cultural traditions. Children are easily able to understand the Hmong's traditions, such as the Hmong New Year.

The powerful plot of this book would foster a deeper appreciation within the reader for the Hmong people and their culture."
Pamela Celum, Third grade teacher.

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