My Name is America Series
The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung: A Chinese Miner

By Laurence Yep - 2000, 219 pages, hardback, Fiction.

A young Chinese boy nicknamed Runt records his experiences in a journal as he travels from southern China to California in 1852 to join his uncle during the Gold Rush.

From the back cover -

July 18

...the american miners blamed us for everything that had gone wrong in their lives - from lower wages to rain and warts. A month before I came, in other districts, the Americans threw the Chinese out. And some of the American miners here want to do the same thing.

Uncle says that this is proof that gold is a curse. It twists people's minds and makes them act like beasts.

I am beginning to think Uncle is right. I feel like shivering, but not from the cold. America is so lovely-and yet so frightening.

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