Wild Geese and Tea
An Asian-American Wedding Planner

By Shu Shu Costa - 1997, 162 pages, paperback.

From the back cover -
More than ever before, Asian-American couples are looking for ways to make their marriage ceremonies more meaningful and unique by honoring the customs of generations past as they plan a modern wedding celebration. Wild Geese and Tea gives the bride - and groom-to-be practical details on how to blend the traditions of East and West, from the betrothal to the marriage ceremony, from elegant gowns to elaborate feasts, from floral arrangements to group photos. Focusing on the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures, this essential guide will take you from the earliest days of courtship through the last hour of the reception, and become a cherished keepsake of this special time. Inside you will find a month-by-month planner and a selective resource guide, in addition to suggestions on:

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