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A is for Asia
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A is for Asia

By Cynthia Chin-Lee
Illustrated by Yumi Heo
1997, 29 pages, Hardback.

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A is for Asia, one-third of the earth. Home to more than half the people in the world and the birthplace to some of the greatest cultures. Asia includes not only China, Japan, Korea, and India but also places as far ranging as republics of the former Soviet Union, coutries of the Middle East, and island nations of the Pacific.

From camel races in Saudi Arabia to sled races in Siberia, from the Vietnamese children's game called Bite the Carp's Tail to the Hindu festival of Holi, this innovative alphabet book chronicles the events, foods, animals, crafts, and traditions that make Asia as a continent special and each Asian country unique.

This lively text with stylish illustrations full of whimsy offers a panoramic, facinating glimpse into an increasingly important area of the world.

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Background on Cynthia Chin-Lee

Cynthia Chin-Lee majored in East Asian studies at Havard and the University of Hawaii and has lived and worked in China, where her grandparents were born. A Is for Asia is her second children's book. She wrote it as a way of introducing her own daughter to her Asian heritage. She lives in Palo Alto, California.

Background on Yumi Heo

Yumi Heo has written and illustrated several picture books, including One Afternoon, which the Horn Book prasied as "a vibrant look at bustling city life [that] will charge any preschooler," and Father's Rubber Shoes. Born and raised in Korea, she now lives in White Plains, New York.

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