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By Laurence Yep - 2000, 245 pages, hardback.

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Book Description from Back Cover

Papa's dream soul might be wandering anywhere in that cold, cold world. I couldn't see the moon or stars, just a gray sheet of clouds that the stark branches clawed at. "Papa?'' I called out. I didn't want him lost. From the corner of my eve I caught sight of something moving. I whirled but it was only the wind blowing the snow along. And yet something made me feel as if his confused dream soul were close.

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All Joan Lee and her younger siblings, Bobby and Emily, want for Christmas in 1927 is to be allowed to celebrate it. Joan longs to be just like everyone else, even if she is Chinese, and this will be the Lees' first Christmas in West Virginia! Miss Lucy, their landlady and friend, invites the family to celebrate Christmas with her. Joan's parents resist at first, but that changes when Papa realizes he can turn it to his advantage. The children can have Christmas, but only if they are good--all the time.

Joan, Bobby, and Emily quickly become aware of how hard this will be as each day brings new temptations of sledding, playing in the snow, and spending time with friends. Joan is particularly intrigued by the glamorous Victoria Barrington and her father, who have a mysterious past and are so unlike her own family. But a crisis forces Joan to gain a new understanding of her parents and her heritage, and she must look to her past in order to help her family before it's too late.

Continuing the story of the Lees begun in THE STAR FISHER, winner of the Christopher Award and the West Virginia Literary Award, DREAM SOUL is a touching story of love, loyalty, and the importance of family.

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Background on Laurence Yep

Laurence Yep grew up in San Francisco, where he was born. He attended Marquette University, was graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He now lives in Pacific Grove, California.

His many novels include DRAGONWINGS, a Newbery Honor Book of 1976, and DRAGON'S GATE, a Newbery Honor Book of 1994. The author of many other books for children and young adults, he has also taught creative writing and Asian American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley and Santa Barbara. In 1990 he received an NEA fellowship in fiction.

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