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My Chinatown
One Year In Poems
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My Chinatown
One Year in Poems

By Kam Mak
2002, 30 pages, hardback.
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CHINATOWN - a place of dragons
and dreams; fireflies
and memories

CHINATOWN - full of wonder
and magic; fireworks
on New Year's Day and a delicious
smell on every corner

CHINATOWN - where every day
brings something wondrously new
to a small boy


KAM MAK grew up in a place
of two cultures, one existing
within the other. Using
extraordinarily beautiful
paintings and moving poems,
he shares a year of growing up
in this small city within a city,
which is called Chinatown.

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Background on Kam Mak

Kam Mak grew up in New York City's Chinatown. He earned his bachelor of fine arts degree from the school of Visual Arts, and since then he has illustrated book jackets for numerous publishers and taught painting at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

He has also illustrated THE MOON OF THE MONARCH BUTTERFLIES by Jean Craighead George, THE YEAR OF THE PANDA by Miriam Schlein, and THE DRAGON PRINCE by Laurence Yep. Kam Mak lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife, son, and daughter.

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