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The Moon Lady
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The Moon Lady

By Amy Tan
Illustrated by Grethchen Schields
1992, 27 pages, hardback.
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Book Description from the Front Cover Flap

The Moon Lady! The Moon Lady!" I said, jumping up and down. And then I tugged Amah's sleeve and asked, "Who is the Moon Lady?"

"Lady Chang-o," Amah answered. "She lives on the moon. Tonight is the only time you can see her and have a secret wish fulfilled." I imagined a lady dressed in shadows, sitting on the moon, leaning over to find me.

"What is a secret wish?" I asked.

Amah told me, "It is what you want but cannot ask."

Adapted by Amy Tan from her renowned novel, The Joy Luck Club, The Moon Lady is the first work for children by this critically acclaimed author.

The story begins in modern day America, when Ying-ying hears her granddaughters clamor about their wishes on a rainy afternoon with nothing to do. Thinking back to a time when she had many wishes, too, Ying-ying tells them a story from her childhood in China. At the Moon Festival, Ying-ying discovered the nature of wishes-where they spring from and how they are fulfilled....

Gretchen Schields' intricate and dynamic paintings in the tradition of Chinese folk and decorative art vividly bring to life Amy Tan's masterfully told tale of self-discovery.

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Background on Amy Tan

AMY TAN wrote her first published essay, "What the Library Means to Me," at age eight. She has since become the author of two highly praised works of fiction: The Joy Luck Club, which was chosen by the American Library Association as a Best Book for Young Adults; and The Kitchen God's Wife, named a 1991 Booklist Editors' Choice. Her recent essay, "Mother Tongue," was included in the 1991 edition of Best American Essays. Prior to writing fiction, Ms. Tan worked as a language development consultant to programs serving developmentally disabled children. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, Lou DeMattei.

Background on Gretchen Schields

GRETCHEN SCHIELDS has been an award-winning illustrator for more than twenty years. Her unique style reflects a childhood spent in faraway lands: Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and Africa. Her first published illustration appeared in Seventeen, when she herself was seventeen. She has since worked in the fields of fashion and advertising illustration as well as textbooks, filmstrips, cookbooks, and her own lines of notecards. Many readers were first introduced to Ms. Schields' talents through her richly detailed cover designs for Amy Tan's novels. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, photographer Robert Foothorap.
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