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Moon Festival
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Moon Festival

By Ching Yeung Russell
Illustrations by Chistopher Zhong-Yuan Zhang
1997, 27 pages, hardback.
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About the Author and Illustrator

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Book Description from Front Cover Flap

The Chinese celebrate Moon Festival every autumn. Families gather to share a special reunion meal. Children dance and parade, carrying colorful paper lanterns and eating moon cakes and other delicacies.

Ying and her grandmother set up their worship table, which is covered with food and incense and candles. Then together, they pray to the legendary goddess, Chang 0. Ying sends fervent wishes that she will soon be reunited with her parents, who live far away.

In stunning and dramatic oil paintings, Christopher Zhang captures the exuberant mood of the festival as well as the quiet joy of a family gathering, lit by moonlight. Ching Russell's autobiographical text poignantly conveys a child's yearning to be close to her parents as well as her simple pleasure in celebrating the holiday with her extended family and friends.

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Background on Ching Yeung Russell

Ching Yeung Russell is the author of First Apple (winner of a Parents' Choice Award and of the New York State Reading Association's Charlotte Award) as well as Water Ghost and Lichee Tree-three novels about her childhood in China. First Apple has also been translated into Japanese. Ms. Russell is a graduate of Hong Kong Baptist College and has worked as a teacher of Chinese literature. She lives in South Carolina with her husband, Phillip, and their two sons.

Background on Christopher Zhong-Yuan Zhang

Christopher Zhong-Yuan Zhang was born and raised In Shanghai, China, where he studied and taught art before traveling to the United States. He earned his M.F.A. in painting at Rhode Island College. His work has been exhibited widely and he has served as artist-in-residence at the Griffis Art Center in New London, Connecticut. Mr. Zhang travels back to China frequently, where he finds inspiration for his large paintings set in the remote villages and mountains of his homeland.

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