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Polly Bemis
A Chinese American Pioneer
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Polly Bemis
A Chinese American Pioneer

By Priscilla Wegars
2003, 24 pages, hardback.
Short description, taken from author's notes on Polly Bemis
Comments from Back Cover
About the Author

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Short description, taken from author's notes on Polly Bemis

This biography chronicles the life of Polly Bemis, an immigrant from China who lived in Idaho for over 60 years. She conquered adversity, made many friends, and enjoyed a happy and productive life. For that reason, Polly's story continues to both fascinate and inspire succeeding generations.

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Comments from Back Cover

"Wegars has done an exceptional job in researching this fascinating Chinese American pioneer. The story emerges not only from Polly herself but also from friends who knew her, as well as from a wide range of documents. Finally there is a well-illustrated and accurate account of Idaho's famous Polly Bemis for young readers!"
-Sue Fawn Chung
Associate Professor of History
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"Polly Bemis and Johnny Carrey are Salmon River icons. Putting both in a children's book, as Dr. Wegars has done, assures us their stories will flow down to yet another generation-the prime inducement for telling a story in the first place."
-Cort Conley
Salmon River Guide

"Nobody knows the fascinating story of Polly Bemis better than Priscilla Wegars, and in this beautifully illustrated book she tells it with care, compassion, and intelligence."
-Carlos Schwantes
St. Louis Mercantile Library
Endowed Professor of Transportation and the West
University of Missouri-St. Louis

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Background on Priscilla Wegars

Priscilla Wegars, Ph.D., is an independent historian and historical archaeologist specializing in the history and archaeology of Asian Americans in the West. She is the founder and volunteer curator of the University of Idaho's Asian American Comparative Collection, a repository of artifacts and documentary materials essential for the study of Asian American archaeological sites, economic contributions, and cultural history. She lives in Moscow, Idaho, with her husband, Terry Abraham.

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