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The Seven Chinese Sisters
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The Seven Chinese Sisters

By Kathy Tucker
Illustrated by Grace Lin
2003, 29 pages, hardback.
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About the Author and Illustrator

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Book Description from Side Cover Flap

Once there were seven Chinese sisters who lived together and took care of each other. Each one had a special talent. When baby Seventh Siter is snatched by a hungry dragon, her loving sisters race to save her (on First Sister's red scooter, which she can ride fast as the wind).

In Kathy Tucker's delightful update of a clasic Chinese folk tale, the sisters use their talents in surprising ways to rescue baby Seventh Sister - and even Seventh Sister turns out to have an unexpected skill!

Grace Lin's rich patterned drawings add the perfect note to this charming story.

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Background on Kathy Tucker

Kathy Tucker is a native of Washington State and the oldest of three sisters. She has written several books for children, including Do Pirates Take Baths? Kathy lives in Evanston, Illinois, with her husband, Jerome Brooks, and Becky, a Tibetan Terrier whose language Kathy understands perfectly.

Background on Grace Lin

Grace Lin grew up in upstate New York and is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. She is the author and illustrator of many children's books, including Dim Sum for Everyone! the second of three sisters, Grace does not drive a red scooter, but she does make pretty good noodle soup.

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