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The Golden Mountain
Beyond the American Dream
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The Golden Mountain
Beyond the American Dream

By Irene Kai
2004, 368 pages, paperback.
Book Description
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Book Description

The Golden Mountain is a partially fictionalized account of the lives of author Irene Kai and her family. The first half the book covers Kai's great grandmother, grandmother, and mother. The remainder of the book covers Kai's early life and life in America as she struggled to discover the power to create her own destiny and in so doing discovers that she didn't have to simply "accept" her fate as her mother and grandmother had done.

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Comments from Back Cover

"Here is a book to treasure, a tale of family so foreign and yet so familiar. Passionate and profound, it offers us the story of generations of women who dared to go beyond the traditional confines of their known world and to make new lives as they discovered new ways of being. That the story is true makes this ingenious and beautiful work all the more compelling."
- Jean Houston, Author, A Mythic Life

"A unique and fascinating view into deep cultural roots and how they both challenge and nourish the growth of new branches in another culture across an ocean."
- Elisabet Aahtouris, Ph.D., Evolution Biologist, Futurist, Speaker, Consultant

"A journey back in time, weaving the dreams and disappointments into the tapestry of her Asian emotional and cultural inheritance. Irene embraces her American life with frustration, fortitude, and rebellion - emerging a dynamic, spiritually-centered, truly 21st century woman. A must-read."
- Joan Kenley, Ph.D., Author, Psychologist, Consultant

"This is a gripping story of transformation, courage and enlightenment. Four women survive enormous odds under the restrictions of their culture until Irene dares move into the present to catch her breath of freedom. A deeply inspiring example of a woman claiming her power. Kept me engrossed to the last word."
- Hazel Deane

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Background on the Author

IRENE KAI was born in Hong Kong and graduated from the School of Visual Arts, NYC and the Royal College of Art, London. Formerly a professor at Penn State University, Irene has traveled extensively and now makes her home in Ashland, Oregon.

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