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Homing Pigeon
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Homing Pigeon

By Wooi-chin J-son
2001, 66 pages, paperback.
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About the Author

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Comments from Back Cover

Wooi-chin J-son's poems are a marvelous bridge between his native Singapore and the United States. He evokes his childhood stealing shells of wax from the feet of the Virgin.

He writes of a bamboo flute that is a "disjointed piece of bone...a hollowed spine." When as a child he coughed building a kitchen fire, he blew up ashes that settled "like frost" on his mother's "silk hair". He somehow connects the Susquehanna River to the jade of the Tang dynasty.

The poetry of Homing Pigeon brilliantly pulls two worlds together until we understand both freshly and poignantly.
- Benjamin Saltman

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Background on Wooi-chin J-son

Wooi-chin J-son was born in Singapore. He completed his BA in University of Southern Mississippi and his MA in California State University, Northridge. He now lives in Lakewood, California, and teaches writing in a college in Southern California.

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