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Good Luck Life
The Essential Guide to Chinese American Celebrations and Culture
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Good Luck Life
The Essential Guide to Chinese American Celebrations and Culture

By Rosemary Gong
2005, 288 pages, paperback.
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Book Description from Back Cover

A modern easy and approachable resource for deciphering, understanding, and planning, for Chinese celebrations in America.

Why do the Chinese believe "8" is a lucky number? Is the 60th birthday really a cause for celebration? And who exactly are the cowherd and the weaving maiden and what do they have to do with the Milky Way?

Chinese culture is filled with intriguing legends and customs rich with history and meaning. Unfortunately, many Chinese Americans - particularly the younger generations - no longer have a firm grasp on their own history and culture, nor do they have a means to systematically learn how to celebrate their heritage.

Once befuddled herself, Rosemary Gong has compiled an easy-to-read, practical "how-to" and "why" guide to Chinese holidays and customs. Good Luck Life is a clear, accessible book for readers young and old, filled with information that is logically categorized, and highlighted with knowledgeable sidebars, illustrative drawings, charts, tables, and even recipes!

From the Dragon Boat Race to the Hungry Ghosts Feast, from wedding dowries to the new born gifts, this is the all-in-one guide for anyone - Chinese or otherwise - interested in learning more about this fascinating and complex culture.

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Praise for the Book

"Finally, a guidebook I can refer to for answers on how and why Chinese Americans celebrate and observe special occasions."
-Judy Yung, Professor of American Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, and
author of Unbound Feet: A Social History of Chinese Women in San Francisco

"Good Luck Life is a cultural treasure chest...a wonderful legacy to pass on to future generations."
-Martin Yan, host of the TV cooking program Yan Can Cook

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Background on Rosemary Gong

Rosemary Gong grew up in Riverbank, CA. An Advertising and marketing executive, she was named San Francisco's Outstanding Young Woman of America in 2002, and is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators, the Chinese Historical Society of America, and San Francisco Asian Art Museum. She lives within walking distance of San Francisco Chinatown.

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