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While We Were Out
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While We Were Out

By Ho Baek Lee
2003, 29 pages, Hardback.
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Book Description from Back Cover

Someone has left the patio door unlocked. It's just the opportunity the rabbit has been waiting for... Exploring room after room, picking up this and looking at that, the adorable rabbit exhausts herself and her curiosity before the family returns. Find out what this clever character gets into when she has the place all to herself.

This South Korean import based on a true story will change forever the way you think about your pets (and where you leave them while you're away).

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Background on Ho Baek Lee

Ho Baek Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1962. He studied graphic design at Seoul National University and communications at Korea University. After getting married, he moved to Paris in 1989 and continued his communication studies. In 1993 he returned to Korea to start his children's book publishing company, Jaimimage. In addition to being a publisher, Ho Baek is also a successful author and illustrator. While We Were Out is his third picture book. Ho Baek lives in Seoul with his wife and 12 year-old son.

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