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The Year of the Pig
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The Year of the Pig

By Oliver Chin
Illustrated by Miah Alcorn
2006, 33 pages, Hardback.
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Book Description from the Front Cover Flap

The entertaining adventures of your favorite animals continue in The Year of the Pig! Patty is a little piglet eager to explore the world. Growing up is a learning process, as Patty follows her parents and then gets more advice from her uncles, aunts, and cousins. But being a sensible pig takes practice, especially when Farmer Wu loses his jade ring and needs everyone's help! Now can Patty demonstrate her best qualities when others think they aren't?

Patty's amusing journey to discover her true character will delight children and adults alike-especially new parents, those interested in Asian culture, and readers who enjoy fun-loving stories and fantastic artwork. Second in the annual series, Tales of the Chinese Zodiac, The Year of the Pig features all the charismatic creatures of the Chinese lunar calendar and proves how anyone can make a big difference.

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Comments from Back Cover

"…we are gaining an even fuller appreciation not only of the distinctiveness of birds and beasts and their behaviors but also of their deep resemblances to us…"
- New York Times

"Perfect timing with the Lunar New Year."
- Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

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Background on Oliver Chin and Jeremiah Alcorn

Oliver Chin
Called "an expert in Pacific Rim pop culture" by the San Jose Mercury News, Oliver Chin is the author of The Year of the Dog, The Adventures of WonderBaby, 9 of 1: A Window to the World, and The Tao of Yao. A graduate of Harvard, he resides in San Francisco, California with his wife and two sons.

Jeremiah Alcorn is the artist of The Year of the Dog and an accomplished character developer and game designer. Winner of the 2003 ACME animation competition, he resides in Alabama with his wife and three children.

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A Review by Adam Chow

A newborn baby pig named Patty grows and learns life lessons from the other farm animals, which conflict with her own instincts as a pig. Patty's own instincts win in the end.

The story is a cute concept with all of the animals bonding and being friends. It flows well, as Patty's innate abilities help farmer Wu find his ring. I also like the unique fact that the farmer and his wife (I assume by the names) are Chinese American. Chinese American farmers are a rare species. The Chinese zodiac information at the beginning and end of the book is informative and will help children understand the title.

1. The illustrations - farmer Wu and his wife had brown hair, a little strange if they are suppose Chinese American. In addition farmer Wu's legs were really skinny, just like poles.
2. The title of the book - aside from the fact that the pig was born on the year of the pig, there really is no other reference as to why the title is what it is. The story had nothing to do with it.

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