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The Moon Princess
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The Moon Princess

Retold by Hazuki Kataoka and David Battino
Illustrated by Kazumi Verkler
2008, 24 pages, Story Card Format.

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Book Description from Back Cover

The Moon Princess (Kaguya-Hime) is based on one of the oldest written tales in Japan, dating back more than a thousand years. It's also known as The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. A baby girl magically born from a stalk of bamboo grows into a shining beauty. She cleverly outwits all the men who want to marry her before revealing her big secret and floating off to the moon. The story is a wonderful departure from the typical "helpless princess in a tower" tale, and full of fascinating symbolism and historical imagery. Kazumi Verkler's beautiful illustrations incorporate authentic kimono patterns.

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About Storycard Theater

Now you can tell stories, not just read them. Based on traditional Japanese picture-card dramas called kamishibai(paper theater), the Storycard Theater format allows you to read to a group of children while showing them the pictures. Reading becomes storytelling. It's easy and fun. Storycard Theater dramas are printed on sturdy cards - small enough to hold comfortably, yet large enough to showcase the colorful artwork. These storycards are ideal for classrooms, birthday parties, daycare centers, family gatherings, and for students learning English.

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Background on Hazuki Kataoka, David Battino, and Kazumi Verkler

Hazuki Kataoka and David Battino are a husband-and-wife team who write and perform children's stories. Their Storycard Theater series won the 2004 Dr. Toy Awards for Top 10 Creative Products and 100 Best Children's Products.

Kazumi Verkler is a Northern California artist whose memories of watching kamishibai performers as a child in Tokyo, Japan, inspired these illustrations. For more, visit

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