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Wabi Sabi
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Wabi Sabi

By Mark Reibstein
Illustrated by Ed Young
2008, 32 pages, Hardback.

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Wabi Sabi, a little cat in Kyoto, Japan, has never thought about her name, until friends visiting from another land ask what it means.

At last, the master
says, "That's hard to explain." And
that is all she says.

The curious Wabi Sabi then sets out on an adventure to discover the true meaning of her name.

Using spare text and haiku, Mark Reibstein weaves an extraordinary story about finding real beauty in unexpected places. Caldecott Medal-winning artist Ed Young complements the lyrical text with breathtaking collages. Together, they illustrate the unique world view that is wabi sabi.

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Background on

MARK REIBSTEIN is an English teacher and writer who has lived in New York, California, Hawaii, Japan, and Thailand. While living in Kyoto, he met a cat named Wabi Sabi, and they remained very close friends for ten years. Now Mark and his daughter live near San Francisco with their good friend Arlo, who is also a cat.

When illustrator ED YOUNG was young, he thought he could "disappear" into his own world, brought to life through his drawings. Years later, he has provided artwork for more than seventy books and has been awarded the Caldecott Medal for Lon Po Po and Caldecott Honors for Seven Blind Mice and The Emperor and the Kite. Although he still occasionally "disappears," he now lives in upstate New York with his daughters.

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