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Ocean Beach
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Ocean Beach

By Hiroshi Kashiwagi
2010, 99 pages, Paperback.

Poem from the Back Cover
About the Author

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Poem from the Back Cover

I like
the smell
when I get off
the bus
like the taste of
of course
it's the sea
and I know
I'm home

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Background on Hiroshi Kashiwagi

Hiroshi Kashiwagi, a native of Sacramento, California, is a retired librarian of the San Francisco Public Library. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild and the Screen Actors Guild. He and his wife, Sadako, are parents of three sons. Mr. Kashiwagi has been a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area since 1952. His first book Swimming in the American: a Memoir and Selected Writings, was awarded the American Book Award 2005 by the before Columbus Foundation.

His poem Japanese Americans 1942-1946, not included in Ocean Beach, is part of a mural by Yoshio Taylor in the Sacramento County Administration Building.

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