June 29, 2021

We’ll Miss You Rosalyn Koo

By Florence Hongo

Philanthropist and community organizer Rosalyn Koo had a wide circle of friends and relationships, and AACP was grateful to be one of them.

I met her as a fellow committee member of the San Mateo Public Library Asian American Committee. I can't recall exactly when, but it was many years ago. Her reputation had preceded our first meeting – everyone knew who she was. I found her to be full of wonderful information for our annual planning of celebrations for May’s Asian Pacific American Heritage month at the San Mateo Library.

She talked about her schools for girls in China and her work with the nonprofit organization Self Help for the Elderly. She was also a generous donor to AACP. She always talked about being the same age as me – complaining about the problems of turning older.

It was amazing to me how she solicited her friends for funds. At one fundraising dinner (where I was invited), she would go right up to a friend and demand that they donate a specific amount and not leave until they cooperated with her demands.

Rosalyn Koo passed on January 30, 2021 here in San Mateo.

Rosalyn will be missed by the many who have profited by her lifelong kindnesses and generosity and her support for the needy.