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December 2020 

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December 2, 2020

Hi Everyone.

I completely missed adding anything to this blog in November. Sorry about that.

So many things happened since I last wrote. There was an election where we elected our first person of Asian and African American descent to be vice president – congratulations Kamala Harris!

We had three holidays – Veterans Day, Diwali, and Thanksgiving. And we finished our November newsletter.

If you’re not a subscriber (why not :) you can now read it by clicking on the above link or clicking here.

Hey, I also missed Giving Tuesday. Here’s a quick editorial comment about this.

How About Giving Wednesday?

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but I’ve been getting lots of emails asking me to donate to some really good nonprofit organizations for Giving Tuesday.

I thinks it’s fine that the Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been set aside as the traditional day when people donate to nonprofit organizations, but why does it just have to be a day? How about Wednesday or any other day of the week? How about multiple days in the year?

The problem I see with having it on only one day of the year is that all of us nonprofit organizations have to fight for your attention on the same day. For example, it doesn’t quite seem fair that arts and education organizations are made to compete with organizations that aid people with immediate dire problems and needs. The arts and education are important, but do people value it as much as organizations that give immediate aid? When it’s only one day when people are asked to think about donating, do they prioritize their giving?

In truth, people should recognize that we need to share and give what we can throughout the whole year. Everyday should be a giving day. That’s when our society works its best – when we’re looking out for one another.

Please give what you can, whenever you can, and to whomever you wish. If AACP is an organization that you value, we’d be pleased to have your donation.

Nearly one person died from COVID-19 every 30 seconds in America in the last 24 hours. Help others, but you take care too.


Leonard Chan