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February 2021 

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February 20, 2021

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

We’ve posted our February newsletter, have a look.

If you’ve read my editorial, it mentioned an article in the San Francisco Chronicle for finding more information about the school renaming issue in San Francisco. The reporter also wrote some follow-up articles to the one that I referenced. Here are the links to the articles –

Washington and Lincoln are out. S.F. school board tosses 44 school names in controversial move (appeared in print on Jan. 27, 2021) 

Here's what you need to know about the San Francisco school renaming vote and what comes next (appeared in print on Jan. 28, 2021)

The next challenge for S.F. school district? Choosing new names for a third of its schools (appeared in print on Jan. 28, 2021)

Chronicle Podcast: San Francisco's School Renaming Revolution (Jan. 28, 2021) 

February 19 marked the 79th anniversary of the infamous Executive Order 9066, which resulting in the incarceration of over 110,000 Japanese Americans in concentration camps. If you have a chance, try to checkout one of the Day of Remembrance commemoration ceremonies or events (some of them are recorded and viewable online). We must not forget what happened and work to prevent it from happening again.