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February 2022

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February 28, 2022

Hi AACP Blog Readers.

Hard to believe that two months of this year have already slipped by.

I just learned that Lane Ryo Hirabayashi passed away in August of 2020. I’m not sure how I missed the news of his passing. He was a well-known authority on the Japanese American Internment and also a retired UCLA professor in Asian American Studies.

Lane Hirabayashi was one of the acquaintances I’ve had over the years while working with AACP. We communicated over getting some feedback on books that we published and even used his feedback for book blurbs.

I remember trying to get him to do a presentation in the San Francisco Bay Area on his book, “A Principled Stand: The Story of Gordon v. United State” (a book about his uncle Gordon Hirabayashi’s World War II court case and efforts to fight their unjust incarceration).

You can read about Lane at the Densho website or the LA Times website.


Our February newsletter has finally been posted on this website for those of you that don’t get the emailed version. There’s an article of some of the interviews we did with Mas Hongo (one of the main people at AACP) and much more. Have a look at the whole newsletter.


With the war in Europe going on, let’s not lose our focus on keeping safe and healthy. According to the CDC, 11,808 people died from COVID in the United States during the last week. That comes to an average of 1,687 people dying each day from the virus.

Take care and have a good March.

Leonard Chan