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AACP, pledges to offer you the best in Asian American Books and other educational materials. Over fifty years of experience speaks for our success. Visit us often as our website grows. We guarantee that you will be pleased with our collection.

By making a purchase through AACP, you help to support our non-profit efforts to bring a wide variety of Asian American curriculum materials to schools, libraries, and the general public.

Thank you for coming!!

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AACP Published Books
Manzanar and Beyond
Manzanar and Beyond (cover)
Memoirs of Frank F. Chuman, Nisei Attorney
Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach (cover)
By Hiroshi Kashiwagi
Shoe Box Plays
Shoe Box Plays (cover)
By Hiroshi Kashiwagi
Cressey (cover)
Land of Sand and Stars
By Eugene W. Lee
To Breathe the Sky
To Breathe the Sky (cover)
A Novel
By Grace Takahashi
Swimming in the American
Swimming in the American (cover)
Memoir and Writings
By Hiroshi Kashiwagi
Petals of the Vanda
Petals of the Vanda (cover)
Tanka Poetry
Birth of an Activist
Birth of an Activist
The Sox Kitashima Story
In Good Conscience
In Good Conscience (cover)
Supporting Japanese Americans
During the Internment
Poston Camp II, Block 211
A Graphic Memoir
By Cartoonist Jack Matsuoka
List of AACP Published Books
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