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Asian Arts & Crafts for Creative Kids

By Patricia Donegan
2003, 64 pages, hardback.

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HAIKU about Nature
HAIBUN (Haiku with short story)
HAIGA (Haiku with a drawing)
Renga (Haiku that you write with friends)

Haiku is a unique Japanese form of poetry that uses images from nature to make a statement or capture a moment. Haiku are short but powerful expressions - making them easy and fun to write and share with your friends.

The activities in this book will show you the seven keys to creating your own haiku, and will help you get started, think up memorable words and images, and write the three short lines that make up a great haiku.

With clear explanations and many examples, this is a great way to have fun while you explore this fascinating aspect of Japanese culture.

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Learn to see the world through 'haiku eyes'

Haiku is not just the world's shortest poetry, but a fun and simple way to share your discoveries about the world. And with the unique projects in this book, you'll learn to see the world in a brand new way.

Step by step instructions explain how to see with 'haiku eyes' and how to write:

  • Haiku about the seasons
  • Haibun - combining haiku and story
  • Haiga - combining haiku with a drawing
  • Renga - linked haiku you can write with your friends
Once you've written your own haiku, you can share it with the world - everywhere from emails to refrigerator doors to greeting cards.

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Background on Patricia Donegan

Patricia Donegan is the author of Without Warning (forward by Allen Ginsberg), Heralding the Milk Light, and Hot Haiku. In 1986-1987 she studied with Japanese haiku master Seishi Yamaguchi. She completed a Fulbright grant in Japan, co-authoring Chiyo-ni: Woman Haiku Master with Yoshie Ishibashi. A member of the Haiku Society of America and the Association for International Renku, she currently teaches creative writing at a university in Tokyo, and is the poetry editor/contributing editor for the Kyoto Journal.

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