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Poetry Basics
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Poetry Basics

By Valerie Bodden
2011, 32 pages, Hardback.

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Book Description

Poetry Basics: Haiku introduces readers to the form of poetry know as haiku - from its ancient origin in Japan to it worldwide popularity of today. Poetry Basics: Haiku not only presents the history of haiku, but also demonstrates haiku writing styles and techniques through examples.

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Background on Valerie Bodden

Valerie Bodden is the author of three other books in the Poetry Basics series including Concrete Poetry, Limericks, and Nursery Rhymes. Some of her other children's and young adult books include The Story of Coca-Cola: Built for Success, The Story of Disney: Built for Success, Painting the Picture: Imagery and Description: The Art of Creative Prose, and The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Days of Change.

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