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Hello AACP friends, especially those new subscribers, we didn't forget about you. Normally AACP's email newsletter is sent out towards the beginning of the month but this newsletter is a special November/December end of the year edition. We are not featuring any new books with this newsletter. Instead, we are holding a special sale for all AACP friends. Any book that is in stock and ordered through our website is now 20% off the retail price through the end of the year. The 20% discount will be reflected on our website's shopping cart form. For those of you in the San Mateo area or those visiting the San Francisco Bay Area come and visit our store. If you bring a copy of the first page of this email, you'll get a 20% discount on any non-sale items purchased. Anybody that joins our email newsletter or signs up to receive our catalog will also be eligible for the 20% discount - so tell all your friends :).

Year End Report

Thanks to your support, AACP has gone to over 25 conferences, conventions, festivals, and various other educational and cultural events. We've traveled thousands of miles and with every event we go to, we achieve a major part of our mission of bringing wonderful Asian American materials to a wider and wider audience. It was wonderful to meet you all.

This year saw the start of our monthly email newsletter. With this newsletter we've brought you information on new books, editorials, and articles of interest. With your feedback and help, we hope to continue and build on the newsletter's success.

Also this year we recruited Jaime Young - our wonderful summer intern that helped with the newsletter and our Asian American calendar project (see below). In the coming year, we hope to continue and expand our intern program.

Early next year we hope to complete the publishing of two books. With these books, the calendar project, and possibly other things in the works we hope to put the "Project" of the "Asian American Curriculum Project" name vigorously back into our everyday functions.

The Costs
All of our activities come at a great cost. Some conferences and festivals cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars to be an exhibitor. On top of that are our traveling expenses.

Our intern and most of our staff are either unpaid volunteers or work for small token amounts. In the coming year we hope to raise enough money to properly fund a full intern staff, our Internet related work, and all of our various projects. We estimate that it will cost $5000 to $10,000 to fully fund our intern program alone.

Please Help
Book sales only accounted for approximately 55% of our income. The rest comes from generous donors like you. If you have not yet given to AACP, please help us out. Your donations and purchases with us will make a great difference.

If you wish to help in a non-monetary way, we always welcome your volunteer help. We have many store functions, outreach activities, and projects where we could use your help. On top of that, keep reading, keep looking for events for us to go to, and keep giving us your feedback.

Thank you for your support over this past year and from us all we wish you a joyful holiday season and prosperous New Year!

Leonard Chan

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Up Coming Events

Here are some events that AACP will soon be attending. Invite us to your events.

Feb. 5 3rd Annual Library Materials Fair Santa Clara County Office of Education
San Jose, CA
March 1-2Reading the World VUSF
San Francisco, CA

Personal remembrances
By Florence M. Hongo

The Japanese American educational community has lost another great scholar, mentor and friend in Harry Kitano. His writings had a major impact upon my thinking notably his "Japanese Americans: The evolution of a subculture", "American Racism" and "Race Relations." The contents of these books were always included as part of my class lectures on the Asian American culture at the College of San Mateo. They explained racism in a way that students could understand.

Historically speaking, Harry Kitano was the only notable Japanese American scholar who refused to get involved in the controversy surrounding our first publication, "Japanese Americans: The Untold Story" in 1971. This was a history text targeted at intermediate level students.

In the early 1970's most survivors in the Japanese American community were still silent about the experience of being interned by the US government so there was much opposition to any mention of that painful episode. While other Japanese American organizations sought to ban the book, he praised our efforts and dedication. He remained loyal and supportive of all our educational efforts.

Those of us who remember him recall his friendly approachable demeanor, his engaging smile, and his love of music. He never hesitated to spend a few minutes chatting. His speeches were spellbinding. He spoke with a quiet voice, and a great sense of humor, but he had amazing and powerful theories and truths to reveal backed by research data. Things that you would only speculate on in the company of other Japanese Americans, he spoke of as historical truths. He returned to us the pride of being Japanese American after the devastation of World War II.

His publications are legendary and if you have not read them yet, you should learn from his well-written and researched publications.

It is always sad to loose such a beloved scholar too soon, but Kitano has left behind a wealth of writings; his legacy for all of us.

AACP thanks another notable Asian American, also no long with us, for his many contributions - former UC Berkeley Chancellor and Professor Chang-Lin Tien.

AACP's Calendar Project

Have you ever wondered what date the next Lunar Year begins or the first day of Ramadan? AACP is working on an Asian American calendar to answer these questions and more. We hope to complete the calendar by the beginning of December. All profits earned from this project will be used for our intern program. We need your advance orders now to help pay for the costs of printing the calendar, so please support this project with your order. We will not bill you until the calendar is completed and sent to you. If you wish to see an early draft of the calendar before purchasing, please write us and we will email a sample to you.

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