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BOOKNew Oxford Picture Dictionary, C/E159211.95
BOOKn Pacific American JournalEnGendering Visions: Roles, Reversals, and Revolutions Vol 2/No 2220210
Bacho, PeterCebu (HB)184425
Bacho, PeterCebu (PB)184512.95
Bailey, PaulCity in the Sun138419.95
Barringer, Herbert R. and Sung-Nam ChoKoreans in the United States202513.95
Bejarano, Valorie SlaughterBeginning, and Other Asian Folk Tales249714.95
Berson Editor, MishaBetween Worlds, Contemporary Asian American Plays166413.95
Berssenbruge, Mei MeiSummits Move With the Tide, Poems and a Play17724
Bickford, SamPilipino-English, English-Pilipino24738.95
Bickford, Sam & AngelinaPilipino-English English-Pilipino23028.95
Bickford, Sam and AngelinaPilipino-English/English-Pilipino Dictionary16816.95
Bonacich, EdnaGlobal Production, the apparel industry in the Pacific Rim227322.95
Bonacich, Edna & Modell, JohnEconomic Basis of Ethnic Solidarity, Small Business in the Japanese American Community76124.95
Boyle, ElizabethCantonese Basic Course246319.95
Brainard, CeciliaAlcupulco at Sunset and other Stories260922.95
Brainard, Cecilia M.When the Rainbow Goddess Wept261019.95
Brainard, Cecilia ManguerraFiction by Filipinos in America, a comprehensive anthology of 23 stories221816.95
Brainard, Cecilia ManguerraPhilippine Woman in America184611.5
Brainard, Cecilia ManguerraSong of Yvonne184712.5
Brainard, Cecilia ManguerraWoman with Horns & Other Stories18488.95
Britton, DorothyJapanese Crane, Bird of Happiness209630
Brown, Michael D.Views From Asian California (1920-1965)206329.95
Brown, TriciaChinese New Year26380
Brown, Wesley & Amy Ling, eds.Imagining America (HB) Stories from the Promised Land192624.95
Brown, Wesley & Amy Ling, eds.Imagining America (PB) Stories from the Promised Land192712.95
Brown, Wesley and Amy LingVisions of America (HB)201329.95
Brown, Wesley and Amy LingVisions of America (PB)201411.95
Brownstone, David M.Chinese American Heritage (HB)224716.95
Bruchac, JosephBreaking Silence, An Anthology of Contemporary Asian American Poets13611.95
Buffet, Guy & PamPua Pua Lena Lena and the Magic Kaha-pu197012.95
Bulosan, CarlosAmerica is in the Heart18713.95
Bulosan, CarlosPhilippines is in the Heart16638.95
Burridge, ShirleyOxford Elementary Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary198011.95

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