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Paek, MinAekyung's Dream, ST, K/E57214.95
Pai, Margaret K.Dreams of Two Yi-min154422.95
Pan, LynnSons of Yellow Emperor (PB)226215
Pan, LynnSons of the Yellow Emperor, A History of the Chinese Diaspora175722.95
Parks-White, AnnetteGathering of Voices on the Asian American Experience, A224932.95
ParnwellNew Oxford Picture Dictionary, Ca/E179311.95
Parnwell, E.C. & Andrew-Inseok KimNew Oxford Picture Dictionary-English/Korean176611.95
Parnwell, E.C. & Hai Trong TranNew Oxford Picture Dictionary-English/Vietnamese176711.95
Patterson, WayneKorean Frontier in America,Immigration to Hawaii 1896-1910156236.95
Paz, Myrna J. de laAbadeha, the Philippine Cinderella233812.95
Peang, Koung & Pun NhivGiants Never Wins, The253315
Pearl, BarbaraMath in Motion234019.95
Peking UniversityModern Chinese,(C) a Basic Course115916.95
Peplow, EvelynPhilippines, The, Tropical Paradise198921.95
Pettit, JayneMy Name is San Ho192413.95
Philippine American Women Writers and ArtistsSeven Stories from Seven Sisters, a Collection of Philippine Folktales199410.95
Pido, Antonio J.A.Pilipinos in America, The252217.95
Pihl, MarshalKorean Word Book Set232716.95
Pil, Teresita VelosoPhilippine Folk Fiction and Tales18167.95
Ping, WangForeign Devil(HB)252121.95
Pouesi, DanielSamoans In California, An illustrated history226018.5
Pouesi, DanielStone Maiden245410

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