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D Authors

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D'AMOURS, ROBERTRapanese IV20537.95
D'AmoursRapanese I-The Musical Method of Learning a Language16297.95
D'AmoursRapanese II17457.95
D'Amours, MikeRapanese III18607.95
Daniels, RogerAsian America (PB),Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850189917.5
Daniels, RogerAsian America, Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850155829.95
Daniels, RogerConcentration Camps of North America, Japanese in the U.S. and Canada During World War II33124.95
Daniels, RogerDecision to Relocate the Japanese Americans33214.95
Daniels, RogerPolitics of Prejudice33310.95
Daniels, RogerPrisoners Without Trial, Japanese Americans in World War II (PB)20947.95
Daniels, RogerPrisoners Without Trial, Japanese Americans in World War II (HB)209519.95
Daniels, Roger, et. al., eds.Japanese Americans from Relocation to Redress-Revised Edition187322.95
Davidson, SueA Heart in Politics, Jeanette Rankin and Patsy T. Mink23019.95
DeCano II, PioOur Government, C/E15514.95
DeCano, PioOur Government, K/E5744.95
DeCano, PioOur Government, T/E5754.95
Dell, PamelaMichael Chang: Tennis Champion21403.95
DemiBuddha (HB)263918.95
DemiBuddha Stories (HB)264016.95
Diaz, Manuel S.Rice for the Moon16698.95
Dien, Tran VanFolk Tales for Children, A Magic Cross-Bow and other stories21038.95
Dien, Tran VanFolk Tales for Children, The Bridge of Reunion and other stories21048.95
Dien, Tran Van & Winabell GritterFolk Tales for Children, The Bird Named Bim Bip and Other Stories17848.95
Donnelly, NancyChanging Lives of Refugee Hmong Women240930
Donohue, ShiobhanKristi Yamaguchi (HB)224213.5
Donohue, ShiobhanKristi Yamaguchi (PB)22434.95
Doshi, MalviSurti Touch, A14287.95
Durrell, Ann, Marilyn Sachs, EditorsBig Book for Peace176817.5
Duus, Masayo UmezawaUnlikely Liberators, The Men of the 100th and 442nd138623.95
Dykstra, AndrewKanji 1-2-3160710.95
Dykstra, AndrewKanji ABC, The24110.95

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