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U.S. GOVERNMENTPersonal Justice Denied, Report of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internmentn of Civilians264316.95
UC BerkeleyCritical Mass, a journal of Asian American criticism Vol 1/No 122936
UNESCOFolk Tales From Asia Bk 119658.95
UNESCOFolk Tales From Asia, Bk 218258.95
UNESCOFolk Tales From Asia, Bk 318268.95
UNESCOStories from Asia Today Bk 219669.95
Uba, LauraAsian Americans, Personality Patterns, Identity, and Mental Health (HB)226935.95
Ubalde, Anatalio C.Filipino American Architexture, Design, & Planning Issues254615
Uchida, YoshikoBest Bad Thing (HB), The23211.95
Uchida, YoshikoBest Bad Thing (PB)12674.95
Uchida, YoshikoBracelet218115.95
Uchida, YoshikoBracelet(pb), The25255.95
Uchida, YoshikoDancing Kettle, and Other Japanese Folk Tales12258.95
Uchida, YoshikoDesert Exile (PB)106014.95
Uchida, YoshikoHappiest Ending, The108813.95
Uchida, YoshikoInvisible Thread PB)26344.95
Uchida, YoshikoInvisible Thread(HB)184012.95
Uchida, YoshikoJar of Dreams (HB)9012.95
Uchida, YoshikoJar of Dreams (PB)12663.95
Uchida, YoshikoJourney Home9113.95
Uchida, YoshikoJourney Home (pb)18083.95
Uchida, YoshikoJourney to Topaz9459.95
Uchida, YoshikoMagic Listening Cap, More Folk Tales from Japan338.95
Uchida, YoshikoMagic Purse214615.95
Uchida, YoshikoPicture Bride240324.95
Uchida, YoshikoRooster Who Understood Japanese188.95
Uchida, YoshikoSamurai of Gold Hill9448.95
Uchida, YoshikoSea of Gold and Other Tales From Japan14808.95
Uchida, YoshikoWise Old Woman241814.95
Uchida, YoshikoWise Old Woman245314.95
Underwood, Joan V.English Korean Dictionary7806.95
Uno, RobertaUnbroken Thread (HB)217945
Uwate, AikoJapanese Names for Babies155314.95
Uyeda, Clifford & Barry SaikiPacific War and Peace, Americans of Japanese Ancestry in Military Intelligence Service, 1941 to 1952189710
Uyematsu, AmyThirty Miles From J-Town229711.95

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