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Vallangca, Caridad ConcepcionSecond Wave: Pinay Pinoy - 1945-1960138710.95
Van Valkenburg, CarolAlien Place, the Fort Missoula, Montana Detention Camp, 1941-1944261110.95
VathanapridaThai Tales: Folktales of Thailand228827
Vergara, Wenifredo BMilkfish in Brackish Water, Filipino Christian Ministry in American context20417.95
Villanueva, MarianneGinseng & Other Tales from Manila19199.95
Vorhees, Duance & Mark MeullerFaithful Daughter & Little Frog Who Never Listened19587.95
Vorhees, Duance & Mark MeullerGreedy Princess & Rabbit and Tiger19597.95
Vorhees, Duance & Mark MeullerLazy Man & Spring of Youth19607.95
Vorhees, Duance & Mark MeullerMr. Moon and Miss Sun & Herdsman & Weaver19617.95
Vorhees, Duance & Mark MeullerOgres' Magic Clubs & Tiger and Dried Persimmons19627.95
Vorhees, Duance & Mark MeullerSeven Brothers and Big Dipper & Hungbu, Nolbu and Magic Gourds19637.95
Vorhees, Duance & Mark MeullerSnail Lady & Magic Vase19647.95
Vuong, Lynette DyerGolden Carp, and other tales from Vietnam233115
Vuong, Lynnette DyerBrocaded Slipper, And Other Vietnamese Tales (PB)26073.95

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